Sustainability as the word of the century

A new channel has appeared on the television grid that deals with economics. Until now, the only channels specialized in this field were in English, but it is committed to the economic content in Spanish, focusing on both Spain and Latin America. I found his discovery very interesting and I see it quite often because it entertains me.

Actually, the economy interests us all, although most of the topics that touch on that channel are out of my routine, especially when they talk about the stock market, investing and others. But something that I have noticed during these weeks that I have watched that channel is that capitalism has definitely embraced ecology, sustainability and clean energy. This is how the system works, it swallows everything up, and it is curious to see now dozens of costumed representatives of investment funds, Socimis and the like filling their mouths with the issue of sustainability.

Sustainability sells and those who control the economy want to sell. Now they are aware that you have to give any product a green layer, although inside almost everything remains gray. But the reality is that all of us who sell something, even if it is on a very small scale, must also take care of the ecological and sustainable aspect.

For the cords of the bags in my store I searched for a recyclable material cord manufacturer. We have finished with plastic bags because it is consistent with the situation, but also because customers demanded it. Because plastic bags can be a little cheaper, but it’s terrifying to see all those beaches covered to the top in plastic.

So in all this sustainability stuff, regardless of posture, there is a pressing need to address the environmental situation. If I can put my little grain of sand going to a manufacturer of recyclable material Cordon to change the material of the bags, imagine that they can make all those economic conglomerates that move the strings … if they really took sustainability as something more than the new buzzword in 21st century marketing.