The birthday of one of my best friends has just been and we have not even been able to go to see her to be able to give her the gifts, because of the restrictions we have in our community, we are not allowed to meet people who do not live together, neither on the street nor in private apartments. This girl celebrates at least two birthdays a year, she must be the only girl who likes to have a birthday, she celebrates one in the summer that has been pulled out of her sleeve on Saint John’s Day for years and only her boyfriend and I We play along with her but it is still a birthday since I met her one Saint John’s day. On her real birthday, which is when she would like to celebrate it with her friends, she cannot because of the coronavirus.


For the summer birthday I had already got her a straw hat but the style she likes, she has a lot of hats and all of the same style but I don’t think she has a straw one. And for this birthday I had thought about buying vegan shoes for women, because nowadays in every house the most normal thing is that when they get home, people take off their shoes and put on their shoes and I thought that vegan shoes were going to make them quite excited .


I had thought of other possible gifts that I knew she would love, but in the end it seemed to me that vegan sneakers were going to be something that she really needed and that she is going to wear them. Because I don’t like giving things away that are never going to be used later, as happens too many times with gifts they give us. And I know this because I have received a few gifts throughout my life that I have never used.


I hope that soon the restrictions we have will be lifted and that they will soon allow us to meet up with our friends again and they can bring them their gifts for both birthdays.