The sneakers of the future 

The future is here. You just need to look out the window to check it out. In fact, many of us have been unable to do more than that for weeks: looking out the window. The future is people with masks, very far from each other, and making an appointment to go to the store. It is not a very promising future in some respects, but surely we will get many positive things from all this in the long term.

And it is that, according to many experts, after health crises of this type, the consumer tends to bet on products and services that ensure respect for the environment and sustainability. And sustainability is not only about betting on recyclable materials, avoiding plastic or leather as much as possible, but also about respecting the dignity of workers, betting on local trade, etc.

For this reason, products such as vegan footwear are becoming fashionable among many consumers. Entrepreneurs in the fashion sector are aware that this sector does not escape sustainability either: «no project can obviate the criterion of sustainability both in the very operation of the company and in the marketing strategy.» At the end of the day, not only does it serve to be sustainable, it also «has to appear so».

So sustainable fashion uses that competitive advantage in its marketing campaigns over more traditional fashion. It must be borne in mind that large brands or chains have much more difficulties in changing their entire structure and making it sustainable. However, it does not take much for a new project to get started by responding appropriately to those criteria. In fact, they are aware that it can be a long-term advantage and they bet on it bluntly.

For this reason, the new vegan footwear firms are succeeding among certain types of consumers who are committed to another type of more responsible consumption. Because it is possible to be fashionable and to be the last one without that supposes a damage for the environment.