One of my friends lives in a town considered hippie where they make workshops in which they try to get everyone who wants to learn quite useful things, especially living in a village where there is not much to do for entertainment. In the workshops they teach you, for example, how to work leather to be able to make what you need and to sew the leather they use a waxed and polished cord that is not easy to get and that is why they have had to contact a manufacturer of Waxed and polished cord so that it is never lacking in leather workshops.

Personally, I have only been able to attend a workshop and I did not have time to learn too much but when all this coronavirus happens, I hope to visit my friend’s town again for a few days, which by the way I am on my way to go to ski. My friend’s village is quite close to the only mountain where you can ski in Galicia, so one or two days we can go skiing all day and at the end we go to sleep in my friend’s town. In this way you save the early hours to reach the mountain at the opening time of the slopes. And there you have to take advantage of the time since at five in the afternoon the ski resort closes and until the next day you can not ski anymore.

I haven’t been able to practice my skiing for quite a few years, but that’s like riding a bicycle and you quickly pick up the rhythm as before, and having learned to ski as a child, it is easier to remember how it is done than having learned as an adult. Without going any further, the other day I found a girl who was also looking for companions to go skiing as soon as possible, and I told her that when there was an opportunity she would let her know and we would go.


Hopefully this will end soon and I can both ski and visit my friend whom I haven’t seen for a few years now.